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Booking in:

As we are a popular cattery the bookings for Easter, Summer, Christmas and Bank Holidays are very busy so book early to avoid disappointment. All confirmed bookings are payable. Early collections will be charged to the full date booked unless a valid reason is given. Cancellations need to be at least two weeks before the actual booking or a fee will be charged. There is a minimum fee equivalent to 3 days boarding at all other times.

What to bring

What to bring:

Think what your cat/kitten likes to play with or snuggle up to at home. A special jumper or blanket, a toy or two, grooming brushes - all familiar things from home help them to settle in.

Vaccination certificates

Vaccination certificates:

All cats must be immunised against feline infectious enteritis and upper respiratory infection (cat 'flu) and owners must produce an up-to-date certificate on arrival at the cattery. Cats CANNOT be admitted without a certificate or if it is out of date. Please keep these updated annually.


At present, cheques, cash or BACS. Cheques made payable to Courtyard Cattery, please.

Feeds and Medicines

Feeds & Medicines:

All diets are catered for. We feed your cats whatever they have at home so that it does not upset their tummies or eating habits. If they are on a "special" diet i.e. fresh fish/chicken we can prepare it for them. Just bring in enough for their stay, either fresh or frozen.

We have a very varied range of quality foods and carry all brands for wet or dry feed. We feed twice a day but can supply lunch too!! If your cat is a grazer, that is not a problem either.

Cat's diets

Medicines can also be given. Please make sure tablets are clearly marked for dosage etc. and let us know how your cat takes its medication. If your cat is on prescribed foods, please bring them in with you and make sure there is enough for the length of stay. There is no extra charge for giving medicines.

Cats that are on medication that affects the condition of their coats will need grooming so please bring their brushes in with you. There is no extra charge. We only charge for grooming when it is for certain breeds that need daily grooming involving a lot of time and patience!!