Courtyard Cattery Chudleigh Devon
Courtyard Cattery

The cattery is based on a courtyard setting and is a well-maintained, modern facility which is light and airy.

Cats holiday home All pens have heated beds

There is no contact between cats in other pens and this is why Courtyard Cattery has never had cat 'flu, enteritis or serious illness of any kind.

The pens are hygienically cleaned daily.

We are one of only a few catteries in the South West to meet EU standards.

We are inspected annually by Teignbridge District Council and issued with a license to trade as a cattery.

All pens have heated beds

The accommodation is of a high standard with 35 pens. Each pen can take up to two cats and we have five family pens which can take up to four cats (only from the same family).

All of our beds are heated (which the cats love!).

Each pen has an upper and a lower layer with ladders to scratch on - as well as to climb!

The upper level is for feeding and sleeping while the lower level has the litter trays and space to roam around while looking out over the courtyard.